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Day #1


Upon your arrival and after settling down at your hotel room, take the opportunity to properly reset your Body Clock, and discover the ancient art of relaxation, an old and longtime tradition that has been  on in the Khmer families from mother to daughters, or among the sportsmen in the L’Bokator Khmer traditional martial arts.  


Then, in the afternoon, free time at leisure to rest, or continue your well being rejuvenation with the one-hour Acupunture session .: This is in fact one of the five branches of the Chinese traditional way to treat all ailments and which will help you re-balance your inner « Qi », which is the  vital energy. It restores health, and with this also restores within you the balance between the Ying and the Yang, both constituing the « female » and « male » principles in you.


In the evening, feel free to attend a 30 minute Private Meditation and Pranayama Class :. This is the first session of an « Inner Inspirational Voyage » to discover yourself and to draw your « inner force », a discovery that will get deeper once you advance into the daily evening session throughout your stay ! 

Day #2


Day #2


Very early in the morning, join your Hotel Group for a one-hour Yoga session which will cover a wide variety of needs, settling within you the « positive mind » and « well being ».


Later on, your morning will then be dedicated to the discovery of the Great City of Angkor Thom, starting with the monumental Southern Gate  and one of the five gates leading to the Bayon Temple and Center of the Khmer Empire. You will  understand the strategical structure of the first Angkorian King from the XIIth century who embraced Mahayana Buddhism as the State religion. Continue your discovery to the recently restored Baphuon and its huge Reclining Buddha, then stroll within the compound of Phimean Akas, the ancient Royal Palace to finally reach the Elephant Terrace and end with the Leper King Terrace.


Have some free time in the afternoon at the hotel to relax or to indulge yourself in a one-hour Oil Massage session, then join the 30-minute Auriculo therapy session. This ancestral Chinese therapy technique stimulates precise points inside your ears so you can regulate the inner organs of your body to treat various parts like the soul or functional disorders, stress and allergies…


 In the evening, continue  your Inner Inspirational Voyage with the  30 minute Private Meditation and Pranayama Class.  


DAY #3


Very early in the morning, join your Hotel Group for a one-hour second Yoga session to flex your body before the visit of the temples.
Afterwards, departure  for a thouroughful visit of the majestic Angkor Wat Temple  considered as the masterpiece of the Khmer Arts and which stands as a testimony to the genius of ancient Angkorian Khmer. It is the most celebrated imposing religious temple and accomplished architecture in Angkor which five rosé-ed towers feature in every flag of the successive régimes in Cambodia.


Take some rest and relax in the afternoon at your hotel or indulge yourself in a one-hour « Japanese Shiatsu massage » session : also known as an « alternative therapy ». Rediscover a tonic hence relaxed peace of mind, free from stress, muscular aches and anxiety in you !


Then join in the one-hour « Sat Nam Healing » session, an ancient technique that will enable you to recover your balance and well-being.


Afterwards, it’s Show Time ! Join the talented and energetic young artist from Phare, The Cambodian Circus for a show that will leave you breathless before heading off for dinner.

Day #4


Day #4


Take a local boat in the early morning for a discovery of the Tonlé Sap Lake and its floating villages . This real inner sea which yearly floodings regulate the life of the inhabitants by its shores has been classified a Natural Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1997 due to its variety of bio-diversity life.   


Then, fly off to Phnom Penh, the Capital City, also known as the « Pearl of Asia ».


Day #5


Kick-start your day with a visit of the fairy-tale-like Preah Borom Reajea Ve’aing, the Royal Palace and Preah Vihear Preah Kéo Morakot, also known as the Silver Pagoda with its pure silver tiled paved floor and the Sacred Emerald Buddha image. Then, admire the thousand-year old artifacts from the pre-Angkor and Angkor periods at the National Museum, one of the richest museums in the region in term of ancient sculptures, and relive the Glorious Age of the Khmer Empire through the contemplation of these artifacts. If time permits, continue for a brief visit of “Romeet”, an art-gallery managed by the Battambang-based NGO Phare Ponleu Selpak located next to the National Museum.


In the afternoon, fancy a stroll and doing some shopping at another City landmark, Phsar Thmey, also known as the Central Market for an amusing  way to “shop, shop, shop…, until you drop”? There is  in fact a lot to be done in this vibrant city, and your guide will be most happy to make you discover Krong Chatomuk, the former name of Phnom Penh!


Head on afterwards for a one-hour Relaxing Massage session, then join the Tai Chi session at Essence of Health. Through the specific postures and long, slow motion of your body, regain a deep relaxation, your balance, a deep inspiration and mastering of your gestures and end up with a full conscience of yourself. 


You may afterwards want to continue your shopping spree to the newly opened world-class Shopping Mall Aeon and enjoy the latest blockbuster movies at the Cineplex.

Day #6


Day #6


In the morning, take a road transfer from Phnom Penh to Kep-sur-Mer (164 kms / around 3-hour road journey). Upon arrival in Kep, get settled at your hotel.

Then time to relax with a 60 minute Khmer Massage session with the “Rejuvenate Package”: experience the very best from the traditional Khmer massage in which precise techniques combined to the tenderness of the slow hand movements  will enable you to reach a stage of pure ecstasy and grace. 


In the afternoon discover Kep and its bygone era atmosphere, and take a walk on  the “Corniche” & Coast  road for  a sunset  stroll on to the beach, while – if you are lucky – you might be able to spot, the dolphins playing around in the sea,.


Day #7


Early in the morning, join the group and the one-hour-and-half Yoga session at the hotel. With the experience you gained from your sessions in Siem Reap, and the deepened use of the old yoga techniques and meditation, you will gain in suppleness and physical balance, thanks to the practice of deep breathing and the stretching of your whole body parts, as well as an approach and practice of the various concentration and meditation techniques. This will enable  you to feel a more conscientiousness of your body and soul,: a pure discovery of yourself, and of your new “me”, as well as gaining a full “self-confidence”.


Afterwars enjoy, a free day at leisure.


In the evening, feel free to have a new Yoga session at the hotel, or discover the healthy and nutritious food served by the hotel restaurant while enjoying the spectacular sunset.

Day #8


Day #8


You have a full day to enjoy the tranquil setting and hotel pool, and also to pamper yourself in a 60-minute Body Nurturing

session: end in beauty your Cambodia Dream Holidays with this session to indulge yourself in this unique and rejuvenating experience to fully recover your youthful time and wellbeing!


All of the products used for this treatment have been prepared manually with local ingredients, and contain rich organic elements passed on from an ancestral “savoir-faire”. The Spa will be a momentum to your personal space, set for a profound complete peace of mind and blissful serenity, thus to fully recharging your energy and to regenerate yourself in to full integrity.


And for your last night in the Kingdom of Cambodia, do indulge yourself in a gastronomic cuisine and dinner under the starry night!


Day #9


Wake up with the sun at dawn to a new full day with your new “me”, enjoy the tranquil view of the fisherman coming back from a night fish catch, and get ready for the road trip back to Phnom Penh International Airport for your departure flight.


Full day Boat trip and Beachcombing at Koh Tosay Island

Or Trekking and Promenade at Kep National Park

(Contact us for more information)


We are saying “NO” to plastic !

  • Introduced since November 1st, 2019, recyclable and reusable aluminum bottles are in line with our company's policy of preventing and reducing single-use plastic and making Cambodia "plastic-free" (#makecambodiaplasticfree).
  • By doing so, we contribute strongly and effectively to preserving the environment in Cambodia and in the oceans for future generations.
  • It will be up to customers who wish to have plastic bottled water to get it personally at their own discretion.
  • Thank you for your understanding and cooperation for "a world without plastic".


In order to fight against climate change and to protect the environment, All Dreams Cambodia is committed to reducing carbon emissions.

In collaboration with EcoSol, an agency specializing in Circular Economy and Low Carbon Approach, we have set up a very sophisticated calculation tool, making it possible to measure the number of kg of CO2 inherent in the activity of the agency but also in each of our tourism programs, and the amount offsetting the carbon footprint at the current cost of carbon emitted.

To be carbon neutral, we have decided to support and donate these compensatory funds to an "Agrisud" project in Cambodia:

LinkStructuring and management of the “drain sludge” sector and production of organic fertilizers


Join us in reducing the carbon impact in Cambodia!

Learn about the carbon footprint of your clients' program.

If you wish to support us in our more responsible and sustainable tourism approach, please inform us upon confirmation and we will add the compensatory amount to your invoice.

Your clients will receive upon arrival an additional information sheet.

We will take them to visit the Agrisud sites, this of course depending on their program and according to their wishes.

A year-end report will be sent to all of our generous contributors.

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